Laser Cutting

The laser cutting method is widely used in metal fabrication shops by engineers and fabricators to cut and etch sheet metal. It will produce the most accurate patterns programmed by the fabricators. It is one of the most superior metal cutting techniques that produces precise custom metal laser cutting results in quick time. Also, it can be used for raster applications where it is needed to change the appearance of the top layer of the material, by heating the surface of the material.

What is a laser cutter?

It is a Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machine that can be used to cut different metals and materials. How does it work? It is an automatic process performed by the laser cutting machine when it gets a cutting pattern, which was drawn in a CAD program. The machine will use the design to exactly cut the metal by just pushing the start button. A highly accurate laser beam is used to cut the metal which produces superior results. Laser cutters are in a huge demand nowadays because of certain benefits they offer to the fabricators. They are quick and produce precise results specially when you have to cut a bulk metal cutting order. The laser cutting method can cut any 2-dimensional shape even if the design is very small.

A laser beam with highly intense light is produced from the laser resonator. The laser beam is a excessively thin beam that is projected down at the metal to cut the metal into a shape.

There are different types of laser cutters available in the market for various ranges. Higher power lasers are generally used in the industrial applications to cut larger sections of the metals like aluminum, steel and carbon steel. Laser cutters can be used to cut plastic too. Depending on the laser they can also be used to cut wood, paper, and card-stock.

Types of lasers:

There are mainly three types of lasers used:

  • CO2 Laser
  • Fiber Lasers
  • Neodymium Lasers

All three laser cutters produce similar results when it comes to metal cutting. However, they both have special power ranges and these ranges make them suitable for different metal cutting applications.

CO2 Lasers:

CO2 lasers are widely in use as they are relatively inexpensive and yet efficient. Furthermore, it can cut a wide range of materials and metals and normally used for industrial and home improvement applications. They are low in power and can cut leather, acrylic, glass, plastics, and foams.

Fiber Lasers:

Normally used for laser marking, these lasers are produced from a seed laser and have superior intensity and wavelength. One of the most important advantages of fiber lasers is that they require less maintenance. They are used to cut different metals and plastics.

Neodymium Lasers:

These lasers are made from neodymium-doped crystals and have a relatively small wavelength than CO2 lasers. This property makes it more viable to cut thick and strong materials and metals. One drawback of these lasers is that you are required to changing certain parts of the machines more frequently as it is a high power laser.


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