Potato Chips Making Machine

Request and Market of Potato Chips:

Everybody likes potato chips. There is great request of potato chips making Machine contributes film lobby, shopping centers, home and so forth puts all consistently. It needs Peeler Machine, Cutting Machine, Diesel Oven and Mixer Machine to make potato chips.

Instructions to make Potato chips with Potato Chips Making Machine:

At first you need to purchase potatoes from the market. At that point you need to peel off the skin of the potatoes with Peeler Machine. Presently wash the potatoes with water. At that point put the potatoes on the container of the Cutting machine and begin the machine. Presently wash the cut potatoes again in clean water. At that point you need to Potato Chips Making Machine extract additional oil from potatoes with Oil Hydro machine. Finally you need to blend flavors and flavor with Mixer Machine. In the wake of pressing it you can offer it in three showcases. You can make around 100 kg potato chips for every hour with this machine. It needs 1 hp engine and 220 volts to work the machine.

Cost of the Potato Chips Making Machine:

The cost of the Potato Peeler Machine is around Rs.30, 000. The cost of the Cutting Machine is around Rs.30, 000. The cost of the Diesel Oven is around Rs.25, 000. The cost of the Oil Hydro Machine is around Rs.25, 000. The cost of the Mixer Machine is around Rs.25, 000.

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Latest equipments of modern potato chips making Machine

  • Raw Potato Hopper
  • Sustain Elevator
  • Potato Size Grader
  • De-Stoner
  • Peeler – potato chips making Machine
  • Inspection Conveyor
  • Single Potato Feed Conveyor
  • Slicer
  • Washer
  • Eccentric Shaker-1& 2.
  • High Speed Conveyor
  • Continuous Frying System with Heat Exchanger
  • Linear Shaker
  • Flavoring Applicator
  • Flavoring Tumbler

Features of current potato chips making Machine

  • Low upkeep
  • Elite outlook
  • Longer administration life
  • Durable development
  • Low consumable oil takes up
  • Low fuel Consumption.
  • Enhanced efficiency with superb item quality.
  • Low work necessity.
  • Fantastic on line oil filtration.
  • High oil turns over proportion
  • Circuitous Heating Arrangement.
  • Better oil Management
  • Low Conversion Cost


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