Noodle Making Machine

Request and Market:

Noodles are exceptionally most loved nourishment Noodle Making Machine to all men, ladies and kids. The request is discovered all consistently. To influence noodles you to require Noodles Making Machine, Mixture Machine, Boiler Machine, Dryer Machine, Packing Machine and Weight Machine.

Step by step instructions to make noodles with Noodles Making Machine:

To make noodles the fundamental material is flour. Flour is important to make vegetable noodles. To make non-vegetable noodles you may blend eggs. At first you need to work flour with the Mixture Machine. There are two rollers made of steel situated in the noodles Making Machine. You need to put the blend on these two rollers. Presently begin the machine. The flour Noodle Making Machine will contain the shape like a sheet. Presently put the sheet of flour on the incubated roller. At that point cut the chowmein in showed measure you need. Raw   Chowmein  Packing By and by warm up the chowmein by vapor with the Boiler Machine so that the chowmein won’t be broken.

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The working of Noodle Making Machine in layperson’s Language

  • Step1: Mixing
  • Step2: At long last dry it with the Dryer machine and measure it. By then pack it and your noodles is readied
  • Step3: Boiling
  • Step4: Drying
  • Step5: Automatic Packing

Cost of the Noodles Making Machine:

The cost of the Mixture Machine is around Rs.18, 000.

On the off chance that it is made of stainless steel then the cost is around Rs. 30,000.

The cost of the Noodle Making Machine including engine is around Rs.36, 000.

The cost of the Boiler Machine is around Rs. 8,000.

The cost of the Dryer Machine is around Rs.40, 000 to Rs.80, 000.

The cost of the Packing and Sealing Machine is around Rs.1000.

The in- Built Features of modern day Noodle Making Machine

  • Stainless steel development
  • Easy to understand operation
  • Power covered wrap up
  • Upheld outline structure
  • Formally dressed yield
  • High performing engine
  • Low power utilization
  • Upkeep free
  • Exactness wrapped up
  • Radial throwing for rollers
  • Scraped area safe
  • Simple to keep up

Compound squeezing for formally Noodle Making Machine dressed yield.

  • Vacuum floor blending
  • Commotion free operation
  • Corrosion safe
  • Dimensionally precise
  • Highly solid
  • Application particular plan
  • Excellent mechanical quality
  • High quality
  • Low cost


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