Fiber Lasers

Well, you will easily find many other laser types in the market, just not the Fiber laser. Gas lasers are often used and carbon dioxide and helium-neon are used as its medium and they have been in use before fiber laser.

There are pros and cons of everything but the benefits of fiber laser are far ahead from other laser types. Now fiber laser is used as a standard in dozens of industries around the world and they are being even used in phones that we use daily, transport that takes us to places, and also the medical care.

One of the biggest advantages of the fiber laser is that they easily and seamlessly adapt between industries for big results. The fiber laser is one of the smartest equipment in the market as it is used for marking the plastic, welding metals, perfecting the diamonds, helping with medical surgeries.

How does Fiber Laser work?

As I told you above that the fiber used in the layer is been stuffed with rare-earth elements and Erbium is the most seen element seen. Now why this is done because the atom levels of the earth elements have amazing energy levels and help in functioning cheap diode laser pump, but that will still give the higher output of energy.

What all things fiber laser does?

  1. Laser Marking
  2. Laser cutting
  3. Laser Welding
  4. Laser drilling
  5. Laser Manufacturing
  6. Laser ablation
  7. Laser Engraving

Let’s know some advantages and benefits of fiber laser:

  • Less power consumption: Nowadays, Fiber lasers for cutting and marking are becoming the sacrosanct choice. When it is compared with CO2 and YAG laser system, then Fiber laser is almost 20L more efficient in terms of power consumption. Now companies have become more eco-friendly because of fiber laser low energy consumption.
  • Reduce maintenance: Let me answer you this with an example. The average life of CO2 and YAG lasers are nearly 10,000 to 20,000 hours, whereas fiber laser average life is 50,000 to 1,00,000 hours, thus it reduces the maintenance cost.
  • Superior performance: You will figure out on your own that fiber laser has much better performance than other lasers. Fiber laser basically emits the high amount of beam quality that will help you in getting an accurate thing that you thought of. Fiber Laser offers quicker working rate than other lasers in the market.
  • Lower heat output: Modern cooling systems are used in fiber laser than any other laser in the market, which means that it will possess less heat and prevent further damage to the machine itself.
  • Small in size: When you will be going out to buy a fiber laser than what you will see is that these are small and compact in size than any other lasers. The size has made them lighter which will lead to easy transportation, and also being more economical when it comes to space in the workplace.
  • Capable to work in bad conditions: Fiber lasers are now being used around the world because they have an ability to work in harsh conditions.

Conclusion: As I told you that fiber lasers have been used by many industries all around the world. So, now if are serious towards buying this, then you will find several fiber lasers manufactures online who can provide you good deals than an offline market.


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