Makita Combo Kit

Combo toolkits are becoming more beneficial nowadays over separate tools as they give the same quality products in an aggregated lower price range. It is not that it is only beneficial for the buyer, but it is also profitable to the seller. If an individual intends to buy three products which are also a part of one combo kit along with some other product, because of the saving the kit can give him/her, he/she will go for the latter over the former. Hence, combo kits are growing in the sales market slowly, with a higher percentage of profits.

Why Go for Combo Tool Kits?

  • The combo toolkits are price effective, providing the same performance.
  • They lighten the load of the work to be done.
  • Same charger and voltage battery are used in all the products of one combo kit and hence, it creates a better coordination among the functioning of the tools.
  • They are easier to work with for the industry people or the mechanics.

What to Check Before Buying A Combo Tool Kit?

  • The first importance should be laid on need and project requirement.
  • There should also be a thorough comparison and tests among all the models that fit the need of the user and the one with the best delivery should be selected.
  • The grip should be strong on the hands and a proper balance must be there in the tool, as heavyweight can cause a disturbance in the accuracy.
  • The control should be good so that wrong places are not targeted.
  • The parts should be such that can be quickly assembled and not very tiny which can be very easily lost.
  • The parts of the tools should be durable and smooth in its operations.
  • The power consumption and voltage of the heavy-duty tools must also be checked.
  • Cordless tools, which depend on the batteries, must be packed with high-quality lithium-ion batteries which can give more power for a longer time and also weigh less.
  • One must be very sure to purchase extra batteries to use effectively at the time of need.

What Are the Main Components of Cordless Combo Kits?

The combo kits are made on a very job specific perspective, as well as in a generalized way, containing all the tools that might be needed for the smooth completion of a project. Some of the tools that are most commonly included are:

  • Cordless Circular Saw– This versatile saw can be used for all purposes, from home redecoration to industrial uses – they allow handheld smooth cutting with no difficulty.
  • Cordless Drill- These can be used to bore holes in all kinds of surfaces, from metal to brick and wood, hence making it an all-purpose drill which can be used in every sector of work. It can also be used for removing and inserting the fasteners.
  • Cordless Hammer Drill- As the name suggests, the cordless hammer drill has two-in-one functions. The drill is multipurpose which can be used to bore holes in concrete walls as well as light ply. The hammer stays turned off while the drill is used and vice versa. The hammer is also strong enough to get the basic needs done.
  • Cordless Impact Driver– These impact drivers are used for fastening on different kinds of surfaces, like metal, wood and lamination sheets. They can also be used for drilling on the comparatively less hard surfaces as they are not designed for heavy performance in drilling.
  • Cordless Reciprocating Saw– The reciprocating saw in a combo kit is a handheld one which can deliver perfect work for rough usage. However, a very precise performance should not be expected. It is commonly used in plumbing, construction works, fire rescue and thick wires and pipes cutting.

With all these components, a combo kit is very cost effective and gives all the benefits that the tools can give in a low budget.



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