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Plastic extrusion products are those products which have been made out of liquid plastic, which had been converted from its solidified state to liquefied state. These products are the finished products or end products and their shape is always pre-decided or pre-determined. All of this is done at a very high volume by a systematic procedure with the heat converting the virgin plastic into a continuous profile. This extrusion can be done with a variety of materials such as nylon, ABS rigid, flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and some other materials. It is a great way to make the most effective use of the waste plastic products to form them into new products by recycling them. It is a relatively modern concept and the plastic extrusion products have the many advantages over other products. Some of the advantages that a manufacturer of these products can avail are listed below:

  1. Low Cost

As compared to various other processes of molding, plastic extrusion has a very low cost and thus due to cheaper production costs these products can be made available at a significantly lower price than other products. It is also not difficult for small producers to indulge in this process. This is primarily because of the fact that these products can be made by repeated melting and hardening of waste plastic which is difficult to recycle. Hence, it does the job of recycling and the raw material for these products is available easily and very cheap. It allows the plastic waste to be reused instead of being simply thrown away or discarded. Thus, the low price is one of the most major advantages that these products have over other products in the market.

  1. Large Volume of Production

Plastic extrusion products enjoy two advantages. The first most important advantage is a low cost of production, but the real and second advantage lies when this can be coupled with the higher volume of production. These products can be well manufactured on a 24-hour basis as they are more capital intensive than being labor intensive. This means that machinery plays more roles in its production and the best aspect of this machinery is it requires less human assistance. Once the machines get into a rhythm then the production can take place in larger volumes and there are higher inventories at all time and the bottom line can be increased.

  1. Continuous Availability

These products generally have a relatively a large demand. But this demand is generally matched by the continuous supply of these products in the market. Because of the bulk production, these products do not go out of shelves in the markets so easily. The common people can easily purchase these without any hassle for their homes and offices. This availability is a major benefit of plastic extrusion products as without shortage these can lead to higher demand and hence higher sales.

  1. Higher Flexibility

The final plastic extrusion products are more flexible in comparison to other products. They enjoy a greater degree of flexibility and thus their products also have got higher demand. But this is only possible as long as the cross-section that is being used to manufacture these products is the same. Once you change the cross-section, then the flexibility in production will reduce or no longer exist. Thus, these products can be used to produce more products with similar plastic attributes like plastic sheets, etc.

  1. Inherent Versatility

The plastic extrusion products have the property of inherent versatility as these products can be changed in any shape or size after being initially melted. Plastics remain too hot after being melted and their shape can be modified as per consumer demands. There can be altercations in existing shape if there is some initial error too. Thus, this process to the extent of altercations has the freedom to make minute mistakes as they can be solved and thus is not a rigid and too complex process.

These are the main advantages that a plastic extrusion product manufacturer can easily avail and make his industry a profitable business.


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